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Why is My Computer So Slow All of a Sudden?

When you wonder Why is My Computer So Slow All of a Sudden? the situation may seem quite frustrating. As a rule, when your computer becomes so slow all of a sudden, the cause is hidden in recent change in the system, such as installing new software.

Check if any of the following is true:

  • You installed new software
  • You’ve been browsing the Internet, opened strange or suspicions pages
  • Opened strange emails or attachments
  • Copied much new information on your disks
  • You are running many applications at once
  • Using your computer in unusually high temperature

If you are not an expert use the following first-aid solution:

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  • Download the program, install and launch it.
  • Let the program scan your computer and repair the errors.
  • Enjoy your computer running like new again!

Installing Resource-Intensive Programs

If you installed any programs or run a game that require much of your computer’s resources then the slow-downs are quite natural and you’ll have to take a number of steps in order to speed up your computer. You can also open Task Manager to see how much of your computer’s resources has been used and which processes and application use the greater part of them. Please, see our Why is My Computer So Slow? page for more detail.


If your computer became slow all of a sudden after

  • installing any suspicious program,
  • running suspicious applications,
  • downloading something from unknown sites,
  • opening unknown webpages,
  • browsing websites with delicate or adult content,
  • receiving strange emails or opening strange attachments,
  • browsing the contents of an external storage device opened on your computer,
  • or even just surfing the web, without installing or opening anything on your computer

the slow-down can be caused by a malware application. You have to scan your computer the the latest version of a reliable antivirus program.

Make Sure You Computer Is not Overheating

Overheating may cause slow computer performance. Turn off your computer and let it cool or lower the temperature. Make sure the cooler works properly and clean dust out of your computer.

Low disk Space

You computer may become slow all of a sudden because of lack of disk space. Did you copy any large files or volumes of information to your hard drive before you computer became slow? If so, try to free some disk space, that can help. For example, copy some data to another hard disk.

How many applications do you have running at once?

Running too may applications at once may slow down you computer because any computer’s resources are limited. Close some applications that you are not using right now. If, in addition, you haven’t restarted it for several days, restart your computer.

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.