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Why Is My New Computer So Slow?

Why is my new computer so slow? That may look like a puzzle or even nonsense because most users don’t have to worry about slow computer performance before they use their PC for at least a year or two.
In most cases the user who asks Why your computer is so slow? has actually been using it for some time. And if you an active user even a shout period of time is enough to accumulate some or all of the following issues that make even a new computer slow: registry errors, viruses and trojans, fragmented files.

If you are not an expert use the following first-aid solution:

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  • Download the program, install and launch it.
  • Let the program scan your computer and repair the errors.
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However, there are many things that may slow down even a brand new computer performance.

Is your computer really new?

A newly purchased computer isn’t always a new computer, even if it’s a brand new computer with a 3-year warranty. If you have just purchased your new computer, brought it home, turned it on at it is extremely slow then it was most likely designed for a previous version of Windows (like XP) and currently has Vista installed. If you bought a new computer and upgraded from XP to Vista or Windows 7, you may also get stuck with a very slow computer. What are your new computer’s specs? What sort of programs or games are you trying to run on your new computer? Do they conform to the system requirements? Your new computer may have minimal amount of memory, say 512 Mb or 1 Gb. That can be enough to run XP (if you turn off visual effects) but too little for Vista or W7. If that’s the problem you’ll have to add more to prevent your new computer from being slow (if the motherboard allows more memory). As to price-performance correlation, please note that a brand new laptop computer will be about twice as costly as a brand new desktop computer with the same specs.

Vista makes your brand new computer slow

Remember: Vista is the worst of all modern Windows OS from speed and performance viewpoint. Many users tested different Windows OS on the same computers and Vista has always been the looser with the largest amount of memory used. When even the developers admit that the system is a failure…you can see what it actually is.

OEM Vista is notorious for loading different sorts of applications and services that you don’t need and which devour a great share of your computer resources. Removing them from Startup will help you gain back some of your lost speed. You can read more about this in Slow Computer Startup section.

Vista is also notorious for memory misallocation, or, in other words, misuse of memory, which results is inadequate memory consumption and makes even new computers with little or now applications open totally run out of memory, even if you have 4Gb of RAM.

But the most disgusting feature of the OEM Vista is the so-called trialware which was worthily dubbed Crapware (also Junkware, Craplets or Demonware - whatever you like best) by the brassed off users. Trialware is a big bunch of useless applications that load and startup but, unlike common startup applications. These applications are bundled with OEM Vista installation. The developers of these applications pay to hardware manufacturers for such “promo-actions” on users brand new machines and conversions, in facts, are pretty high! There was a totally absurd incident when Sony tried to charge money from the customers for removing Crapware. Crapware is difficult to remove even for very experienced users. Most users suffering from these apps don’s have Windows CD and re-installing from the OEM image will install all these craplets as they were. The simplest way is to use a freeware program called PC DeCrapifier to remove these apps. That may increase your performance by up to 20-40% and you’ll stop raging WHY IS MY NEW COMPUTER RUNNING SLOW!!

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.