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Why do computers slow down?

Why do computers slow down?, My computer is slowing down what to do about it? All computers slow down over time, there are two major multiple reasons for that: age and poor maintenance, the latter being the most common.

If you are not an expert use the following first-aid solution:

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    Reimage detects and removes a wide range of Windows problems that cause slow computer performance and freezes, such as system file and registry damage, viruses, trojans, system and hardware instability, fixes blue screen errors and Windows error messages and other problems. Reimage is the only tool that not just detects and removes viruses and trojans but also fixes the damage done to the system by a virus. Reimage is widely used by PC technicians to fix slow computers.
  • Download the program, install and launch it.
  • Let the program scan your computer and repair the errors.
  • Enjoy your computer running like new again!

Age makes a computer slow…

In some cases, it’s just the age of your computer and being outdated what slows down a computer. As time goes by, new versions of programs and operated systems are issued. One day you notice that you computer is slowing down with the new versions of programs that used to run on it flawlessly. This is normal. Newly issued programs have higher systems requirements matched for contemporary computers. If you computer is really old (say, 10 years old) you have several options: running older applications with the system requirements your computer meets or significantly upgrade your computer (to the extent your motherboard allows). However, in certain cases old motherboard leaves no chance for upgrading or makes it senseless because older generation hardware compatible with your motherboard may be not so easy to find an costs as much or even more that newer hardware. Does it make sense to pay so much for outdated hardware to install it on an old motherboard that can die at any moment, only to get a little bit faster and yet so slow computer performance? The answer is most likely to be NO.

If you cannot afford buying a new computer right now, I’d recommend to wait a bit and for now either use older software and turn off all the system options and services that make use your computer resources, like visual effects, startup applications. Cleaning out malware will also increase your old computer’s speed. With an old computer, you will most likely have to reinstall the system for that because running a cotemporary antivirus program with up-to-date virus records will be next to impossible, but that means losing all programs and settings. If you have Windows XP or a later version of Windows, a much better solution is using Reimage. This program reinstalls the system without touching any of your programs or settings and cleans out malware, fixes all broken files and removes all the files that should not be on your system. Reimage is your life-belt if you cannot buy a new computer so far and don’t want to use computer financing.

My computer is slowing down, but it’s new…

If so, chances are that you have a littered registry, malware living on your slowing down computer, or crapware and a lot of startup applications. Repairing the registry manually is also next to impossible, unless your are a technician, you’d better use specialized software. Malware appears to the most difficult part to fix because antivirus programs may fail to track some of the malicious applications. In addition, they won’t fix the damage done by malware. Reimage is the only application that will fix the damage from malware, remove malware, fix the registry and damaged system files and fix most of other causes of slow computer performance. In addition, disabling startup applications you don’t need, removing temporary files and defragmenting your hard disk will give you some extra speed. Read about how to do it at Slow computer fixes page.

What else slows down a computer?

Have a look at the page What Slows Down a Computer to know what actually can slow down a computer and what cannot.

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.