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What Slows Down a Computer?

This page explains what slows down a computer or, rather, what a slow computer is associated with, according to multiple user complaints. If any of them apply to your slow computer, click on the link in the paragraph to expand the article.

If you are not an expert use the following first-aid solution:

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What slow computer sufferers suspect…

  • Antivirus slows down computer. Sad but true. Most modern antivirus programs, like Kaspersky, will slow down your computer. If you computer is of older generation, working when an antivirus in running will be impossible. Install an antivirus that doesn’t slow down computer or at least does it not so dramatically.
  • Flash slows down computer. Let’s specify - is it your computer or Internet becomes slow because of flash? If pages with flash load slowly it may the problem or slow internet connection and not slow computer speed.

  • Virus slows down computer. Slow computer performance because of a virus is a very common problems. Different kinds of malware applications may slow down computers in different ways: by taking a lot of your computer’s resources (memory, CPU), damaging system files or even the disk, clogging the Internet connection and using all your bandwidth.

  • Utorrent slows down computer. Utorrent does not use much of your computers resources, so let’s make it clear if it’s your computer that is slowing down or just a slow Internet connection? If you are downloading something using Utorrent you may be running out of bandwidth. Limit download speed in Utorrent and you’ll see the difference in your Internet speed. If it’s not Internet but actually your computer’s performance, that it could be virus or another malicious application. Utorrent users frequently become victims of malicious applications they download from using this application. If you are sure it’s none of the above, the problem could be is security applications like ZoneAlarm.

  • Does indexing slow down computer? Yes, it does, Turning off indexing in Windows is one of the ways to speed up your computer a bit for free.

  • What if my computer randomly slows down? If you don’t have ask what is slowing down my computer round the clock, it’s a good sign - you can track down and pinpoint the culprit. There could be many reasons behind that. You need to note when exactly slow downs begin: opening specific files, programs, browsing specific sites, etc. Sometimes, slow downs me result from opening too many “heavy” programs or browser windows at a time, which has noting to do with your computer’s health: you are simply out of memory and CPU resources.

  • Windows update slows down computer - at least, many users have had such a complaint. However, in many instances it’s not an update but another problem which became apparent after applying the update that’s to blame, like spy ware, wrong disk mode, or a startup application.

  • Dropbox slows down computer - This is a frequent Mac problem. However, in most cases it’s not Dropbox problem, but a problem with of slow internet connection.

  • System Idle Process slowing down computer. Quite often, your computer barely responds and your Task Managers shows that System Idle Process uses about 98% of your CPU. Don’t worry, that much CPU used by System Idle Process is normal, that means that your computer is not doing anything resource-demanding tasks. However, slowdown means that something in some way related to System Idle Process is not working properly.

  • Microsoft security essentials slows down computer - that’s a frequent complaint, which, however, is in most cases indicates a conflict with leftovers of improperly uninstalled security applications previously used or currently installed on your computer.

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.