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Vista Running Slow

Vista running slow is a very common thing because Visa isn’t generally known for high speed and efficient memory use as compared with other Windows OS. Vista running slow on laptop is especially common since a laptop configuration is usually half as powerful at that of a desktop offered for the same price. In addition, and OEM Vista may have lots of applications that load at startup and slow Vista performance. Read how solve the slow Vista problem below.

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Slow Vista Solutions

Vista Running Slow: the Fix

There are two major causes that make Vista run slow or even display error message: registry errors and malware - viruses, spyware and other parasitic applications that invade your computer as you browse the Internet, open and read mail or connect external storage devices. Damaged of missing system files may also significantly affect Vista performance, up to totally disabled system. This is what most experts recommend to start with if your Vista is running slow. If you want to read how exactly these two problems slow down your computer please visit Why your computer is so slow? homepage. If you want to fix your slow running Vista use the solutions suggested below.

Vista Running Extremely Slow: Low Disk Space?

Low disk space can make your windows vista slow. In what ways? First, you have probably heard what disk fragmentation is - the state when pieces of files you store on the disk are not written sequentially on it but are scattered all over the disk because the area the file was written to was not enough to store the whole file. So, a part of the file is saved to this areas and the rest of it squeezes into other free areas on disk. As a result, the read\write head of your hard drive has to jump all over the disk to read (actually, collect) the scattered file and that takes really long. Windows Vista is supposed to automatically defragment you disk unless this option is turned off on your system. However, the defragmenter need at least 10-15% of free disk space in order to handle its task. Second, you know that in order to run Vista and do multiple tasks your computer needs much memory, the RAM modules installed on your computer. However, very often RAM is not enough to cope with all the tasks. When your computer runs out of RAM memory it uses a part of your hard disk as a “virtual memory” storage (this storage is called swap file). If you run out of RAM and all the disk space is occupied with your personal data, no virtual memory storage can be created and you Windows Vista starts to noticeably slow down. In addition, if your hard drive has ever been really close to being totally out of space Windows Vista would regularly warn you about it with a small annoying pop-up window. Vista’s low disk space checks use system resources which also makes Vista running slowly. You can free some disk space in the following way:

  • Remove old, unnecessary files
  • Run Disk Cleanup and remove temporary files
  • Empty recycle Bin
  • Turn off system Restore function or allocating it less disk space. This method has one drawback: in case you need to restore your system back to a state when it functioned properly you’ll have less restore points or none at all.

If you have at least 25% of your hard disk free its OK, it only 10% left - take steps to free some space.

Windows Vista Running Slow …On a Slow Computer!

And, lastly, can it be that your computer configuration is just too weak to run Vista properly and \ or all the programs you want to run on it? That may particularly be the case if a newly installed Vista is running slow on your old laptop or you bought a new one with Vista and it is very slow from the very beginning. For the second case, for example, there may be too little RAM (for example, just 1Gb or even 512 Mb, you never know! ). Adding more memory may fix the problem of slow running Vista. Let’s consider these two cases closer.

  • If you new computer is running slow check the new computer running slow section.
  • If you just installed Vista on your computer that used, for example, Windows XP, chances are that the computer is a bit old for Vista. In this case, check the how to make vista faster section to read how to prevent Vista from running slow by turning off unnecessary system options and services.

Unnecessary Services and Applications make Vista Too Slow

Yes, that’s a well known fact - Vista is full of apps you don’t actually need and they devour a great share of your resources. Check the how to make vista faster section to read how to prevent Vista from running slow and turn off unnecessary applications and services.

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.