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Slow Computer Fix

Slow Computer Fix? The most effective slow computer fix is to remove the problems from your computer that slow down it’s performance and not only that. It will significantly improve your computer’s overall health.

If you are not an expert use the following first-aid solution:

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Today PC experts distinguish 4 major causes of slow computer that need to be fixed. Fixing these 4 problems will significantly speed up your computer and you’ll never have to wonder Why is my computer so slow? again.

4 Things to Fix in a Slow Computer

The names of the 4 offenders that slow down your computer are: Corrupted Registry, Malware, Fragmented Disk and Low Disk Space. Low Disk Space is the one you can fix on your own. In order to remove the other 3 offenders you’ll have to use special tools.

Slow Computer Fix 1: Corrupted Registry Repair.

The registry is the central Windows database that stores ALL the information about your system: settings, installed programs and drivers, software and hardware settings. Many experts call Windows registry a single point of failure (SPOF). If the registry fails the entire system will be disabled and Windows won’t even start up. As you use your computer invalid, orphaned entries and incorrect references accumulate in your registry and it becomes corrupt. Corrupt registry significantly slows down your computer, causes Blue Screens and error messages. In order to fix a slow computer and Windows errors you have to fix the registry in the first place.

Slow Computer Fix 2: Malware Scan

Malware processes can eat up a great part of your computer resources and significantly slow down your computer. However, slow computer is not the worst thing about malware. Malicious applications can damage the data on your computer or steal your personal data.

Unfortunately, Windows is known for its vulnerability to malware attacks, even with all its security features on. That is why you should scan your computer with a reliable anti-malware scanner if your computer is running slow. But many antivirus programs are known themselves as the cause of a slow computer. Use the one that work safely in the background, without slowing down your computer. Otherwise, it won’t work as a slow computer fix but produce an opposite effect.

Slow Computer Fix 3: Hard Drive Defragmentation

Your hard disk stores the information in clusters. Ideally, when the file is written to the disk all its clusters should go in chain. However, as you copy, relocate, or delete files (especially is you have little disk space), the pieces of a file become scattered all over the disk instead of being stored in chain. This way the disk becomes fragmented which makes the read-write head of the hard drive has move all over the disk to find every cluster in order to process the file. That is why it takes so much time to open a file or a program on a fragmented disk. Defragmenting hard disk also helps *fix a slow computer**.

Slow Computer Fix 4: Clear Some Disk Space

Many users totally overlook low disk space as a cause of slow computer. You can clear some disk space on your own by removing temporary files, unnecessary, old files or writing the files you are not currently using to a DVD. Alternatively, you can use clean up disk tool by going t o Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

The above 4 recommendations are known as the most effective slow computer fix. You can find some more in Free Slow Computer Fix section.

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.