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Computer Running Slow? Vista!

Well, let’s be honest from the very beginning: Vista is not the best Windows OS from speed viewpoint. Sounds strange, but quite often when a user asks Why is my computer so slow?, Vista turns out to be the answer. A computer that has been running well with XP may just not be able to make it with Vista.

If you are not an expert use the following first-aid solution:

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Newly installed Vista is Slow

So if your computer with a newly installed Vista is slow make sure it answers the system requirements. Please note that meeting minimum system requirements does not mean satisfactory performance. It only means that the computer will be able to run Vista. As a solution, you could run a smaller number of programs at a time or add memory.

Fixing a PC running slow with Vista

You may have heard it about a thousand times, but we have to say it again: your computer may be infected with a virus or other malware, have corrupt registry or damaged system files. If in addition to slow Vista startup you get strange error messages every time, that may be the cause.

Very Slow Vista and Memory Issue

If your computer configuration is really weak and the memory is constantly being swapped to the hard disk, and adding RAM seems to be the only way out, remember to check the maximum memory size your computer allows first. If you have a 32-bit Vista, upgrading the memory beyond 3Gb is a waste of you money because a 32-bit Vista addresses no more than 3Gb.

Uninstalling unused programs

While uninstalling unused problems is generally recommended if your computer is slow, it is effective only if you are running out of disk space (removing a program will free some disk space) or if the program was added to Startup.

Defragmening Hard Disk

By default, Vista defragments your hard disk itself regularly and you may not need to run this process that often. Turing automatic deframentation off may safe you some resources. However, if you hard drive is really fragmented, defragmentation will speed up your Vista.

Other tricks to speed up your slow Vista

When my Vista based computer is slow I disable unnecessary services and options * First of all, if you are not too concerned about the beauty of your Vista interface and a fast, and a functional, productive OS is what you need from your computer, turn off graphical styles which may eat up to 15% of your CPU. You windows will look much like Windows 98, plain metal-style tabs and windows. However, it’s the speed you actually need! To me, this 3D-like beauty is just a distraction from work I don’t really need.

  • Limit the number of startup applications. Many of the programs you install add themselves to startup list without asking you.

  • Turn off the Indexing service.

Turn On ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is one of the newest features of Vista, kind of adding memory but just it is cheaper. This feature enables the system to use solid state memory as a secondary memory cache. What you need to use this feature is buying a USB flash drive. Just make sure you buy the fastest one because the effectiveness depends on the solid state drive speed. The effect is not as huge as from adding RAM, however, the investment / effect correlation is great. To use this this option, just insert the USB flash drive and the AutoPlay dialog will offer you to use it for ReadyBoost. If your computer running very slow with Vista this trick may bring some relive at least until you are ready for an essential upgrade.

Restart Slow Running Vista

Although my Vista has been running without restart for weeks and it did on my computer without significant decrease in speed (with just hibernation), sometimes restarting helps speed us a system that became sluggish.

Remove crapware from you slow Vista

If you have an OEM Vista, it is likely that it is crammed with crapware, trial versions on programs the PC manufacturer has been paid for installing on your computer. These applets are of no real value for you as a user and of great value for the software manufacturers because they persuade the users, and quite successfully, to buy the software products. Crapware is not easy to remove manually. You’ll have to use special utilities like PC Decrapifier for this.

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.