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Why Is My Computer So Slow?

Why Is My Computer So Slow? If you have to ask this question now and then your computer must have one or several problems listed here. Very often, the situation is critical and you have to act as soon as possible. We hope the information and tips on our site help you fix your slow computer and save your money you were going to spend on a new computer, essential upgrade or PC repair guys for something else.

If you are not an expert use the following first-aid solution:

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If you’ve been actively using your computer, sooner or later you’ll exclaim: Why Is My Computer So Slow? Many users are ready to spend a few hundreds or even thousands on a new computer or new hardware, only to forget about this snail’s pace performance. If your computer is 10 years old and you decided to run a new 3D game on it…well, it’s probably high time to say goodbye to this computer and buy a new one or do an essential hardware upgrade. But this is quite a rare case. I often talk to people who complain that their computer is very slow. When I ask them what games or “heavy” software they installed they say there were no new installations, but the computer was slowing down over time. And now it is running so slow that starting up, opening a file, starting or closing a program takes an eternity (and a bunch of nerves, every time). I think you’ve already guessed what I mean. In most cases slow computer problems come from lack of maintenance which causes internal system issues, especially if you have Windows Vista which is really slow by itself and devours much of your computer’s speed. Fixing these problems will noticeably increase your computer’s speed.

4 Major Slow Computer Offenders

Below I’ll explain the 4 major causes of slow computer performance. Removing them makes your computer run like new again.

Offender 1: Corrupted registry.

The registry is the central database, the heart of your computer. It stores ALL the information about your system: personal user profile and interface settings, installed programs and program settings, drivers and hardware. Many experts call Windows registry a single point of failure (SPOF). This means that the entire system is bound to the registry and if it fails, the entire system will stop working. As you use your computer, install new devices and drivers, add and remove programs, open and close applications and change their settings, your registry becomes littered with corrupt entries. It seriously affects your computer’s performance. Registry corruption causes not just slow performance but also system errors, freezes and crashes (blue screen errors). For example, if the registry key addressing the device drivers that load at startup is corrupt you won’t be able to start Windows at all.

Proper maintenance of the registry resolves and prevents the slow computer problem.

Slow Computer Fix 1: Fix the Registry.

Offender 2: Viruses and Trojans

Malware not just damages the data on your computer or steals your personal information. It also steals your computer’s resources and leaves you hopping mad and shouting Why is my computer so slow? at the poor machine. If your computer became slow all of a sudden, scan it for malware. It’s a big mistake to think that your computer is malware-free if you don’t visit suspicious websites or don’t open suspicious email attachments. Every day malware applications become more and more sophisticated. Sometimes all you need is open a webpage of move a mouse to get infected. Unfortunately, even the fully updated Windows with all its security features on is extremely vulnerable to malware attacks. That is why a reliable anti-malware scanner should always be on your computer. However, many antivirus programs are known themselves as the cause of a slow computer. Choose the ones that work safely in the background. Important: antivirus scanners will only remove viruses, trojans ans other dangerous applications but not the damage done to the system, which may actually slow down your computer. If you want to fix the damage from a virus without reinstalling the system you have to use Reimage. This program reinstalls the system without touching any of your programs or settings and cleans out malware, fixes all broken files and removes all the files that should not be on your system. Reimage is the only program that fixes the damage already done by malware.

Offender 3: Fragmented Hard Drive

Why Is My Computer So Slow? The information is stored on your disk in clusters, standard addressable units the disk space is divided into. Ideally, the clusters that store pieces of a file should be contiguous. However, as you use your computer, relocate, copy, or delete files, the pieces of a file becomes scattered all over the disk, wherever the system finds free clusters. In this ways, the disk becomes fragmented. The read-write head of the hard drive has to move all over the disk to access every cluster in order to read the file and it takes really long. That is why your computer is so slow when you open files: the read/write head of the hard drive has to jump all over the disk, which results in very slow computer performance.

Slow Computer Fix 3: Defragment Your Hard Disk

Offender 4: Low Disk Space

Could you think that your computer is so slow much due to low disk space? Remove unnecessary, old files, obsolete backups, temporary files, uninstall outdated software or the programs you don’t use any longer.

Slow Computer Fix 4: Clean Up Some Disk Space

To clean up disk go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

If you follow these recommendations your computer won’t be so slow and buying a new one can wait for really long.

I fixed all of the above. Why is my computer so slow now?

Removing viruses is really helpful for your computer’s speed. However, the damage sone to your system will remain because antivirus scanners do not fix the system. In such a situation, the only way out seems to be reinstalling the system. The below solution completely eliminates the need for reinstalling and yet gives you a fresh-like installation of Windows, while leaving all your programs and setting intact:

We hope how you know what to do if your computer is so slow.